Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why does this only happen on weekdays?

I do not understand.  I do not understand why it is that Barret has started sleeping late on the weekdays ONLY. Last week I thought he was just off schedule, and catching up on sleep.  It was ok that I was able to get ready for the day all by myself.  In fact it was quite enjoyable.  Then it continued to happen for the whole week.  I thought he might have decided to start waking up later (Oh the happy thoughts of sleeping until the sun was out!)!!  Then came the weekend.  Sweet Barrett, oh sweet baby of mine decided that it was a good time to wake up at his normal time again.  How he knew it was the weekend and I wanted to sleep late is beyond me.  But he knew, and he decided it was a good day to wake up early.  In fact, I have learned that no matter what works best for me, Barrett will find out, and do the opposite.  Although I do love spending time with Barrett on weekends, it would be nice for him to sleep late... like till 8.  That would be wonderful.  Here's hoping that maybe this weekend he will sleep late ( I won't be holding my breath for this one though)!

Here he is at 7:35 this morning.  Still completely outcold in his crib.  This was taken seconds before I had to wake him up.  I felt horrible.  I hate waking him up!

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