Sunday, February 20, 2011

To sleep or to blog... That is the question

No more sleeping like a baby anymore!
I know, I know, I'm supposed to be keeping up with little Mr. Barrett on this blog, well when it comes down to the options of sleeping of blogging, I have chosen sleep.  Here is what I have been dealing with.

I will admit it....I spoke too soon.  I said he was sleeping through the night, well... he decided to make me eat my words, and prove me wrong.  (Somehow I think that this is just the beginning of many, many times that he will inevitably make me look like a fool).  About one month ago Barrett decided that he no longer had any interest in sleeping through the night.  It started slowly, at first he would wake up, and start crying.  I would pull myself out of bed,and walk across the house into his room.  All he needed me to do was to help him find the pacifier that is attached to his pajamas.  Once he had that back, all would be well, and he would immediately close his eyes and go back to sleep.  It wasn't so bad at all, waking up once, no drama, I still felt lucky.  Since then it has progressed into some serious sleep deprivation for mommy.  He has stopped falling asleep easily, and he is becoming a light sleeper.  He is easily awakened by the sound of Sierra barking.  In fact, if she barks Barrett seems to wake up scared.  Poor baby!  (well and poor mommy too!).  He is also waking up a couple of times (like every two hours) at night.  When I walk into the room he is usually standing up at the edge of his crib just staring and screaming at the door.  Not only do I have to take him out to calm him down, but I also have to hold him until he is completely outcold.  Now, the tricky part is that even though he is outcold somehow he senses when he is being placed back into the crib, likely starting the whole process from the beginning.  My nights have quickly become spending half the night in my bed, and the other half on the couch in Barretts room holding him.  Obviously this is not going to work.  I must find a way to make this baby sleep.  He is one stubborn baby, and he certainly has a temper.  I do not know if I am strong enough (or emotionally stable enough) to endure the method that is to leave your sweet baby in his crib, in a dark room, all by himself, and let him scream and cry until after sheer exhaustion, he falls asleep.  I think that right now, he could win that battle of the wills.  I will try to find some other method.  There must be some other way..... I will keep you posted.

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  1. Oh, I feel for you. I've had to deal with that with almost all of the girls. It was a phase they went through. And like I'm sure everyone else has probably told you, this too shall pass. Maybe there's something in his room that makes him uncomfortable. Try spending time with him when he's awake in his room playing on the floor and in the crib. Sometimes it helps the babies get more comfortable by spending more time in there which will allow them to associate the space with fun.Good luck with it though.