Monday, September 6, 2010


I will begin this post saying that although the date says that it is in September of 2010, it is actually May of 2011 when I am sitting down to write this.  I know that this seems like a long time to wait before writing this, but part of the purpose of this blog is to document our lives.  While this memory might seem a little less new than it should, it is still much fresher on my mind than it will be in 20 years when I look back at this. Okay now on to the story.....

Gavin has always been a swimmer.  Many of his happiest memories as a child involve him in the water.  It was such a huge part of his childhood that it was one of the things that he looked forward to sharing with his baby (he has been thinking about this since before there was even a baby, let alone knowing we were having a son).  As soon as Barrett was born Gavin began counting the days untill he could take Barrett swimming.  Our only conditions were that Barrett had to be holding his head up on his own, and that it couldn't be while the sun was out so that meant later in the evening, (babies can't wear sunscreen until they are six months old), and it had to be when we had time.  Finally the perfect day arrived, mostly accidentally.  It was  Sunday, and we had some free time (really not free time, but time we decided not to be doing anything particularly productive) so we set out  on our trip to my Dad's house to let Barrett get his first taste of the pool.  Now since this was not planned, we hadn't even bought swim diapers, a bathing suit, really anything outdoor related, so just a baby in a regular diaper would have to work.  Barrett loved the water!  We kinda figured it was in his blood, but it still made his dad proud to see how comfortable he was in the water.  He had a moment at first where he looked like he didn't know what was going on.  Then as Gavin held him in the water, you could see him relax into his Dad's arms.  There was one point that he did get a little water in his mouth, inciting slight panic in the overprotective mother in me.  Overall I would say the experience was a success.  Next summer Daddy will have him swimming laps!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The day daddy has been waiting for!

This day has been a long time coming.  Gavin has been excited about having a son to watch football with since we found out we were having a boy.  Gavin is a BIG Alabama fan, so it is very important that if he can't be at the game he has the next best way to enjoy the game.  This means that we drive to my dad's house and watch the football games on his movie screen, which makes the football players larger than life size (not kidding).  So today was the first Alabama game, and it was crucial that we spend the first football Saturday with the baby at my dad's.  After packing up half of everything in our house, we make the trek over to my dad's.  Keep in mind that Gavin planned to be there ALL DAY... not just for the Alabama game.  That really required a TON of stuff.  (This was Barrett's first all day trip too!)  Turns out that the big screen with lots of colorful moving objects makes Barrett turn into a zombie.  (Just like Daddy!!)