Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Greer!

Today Greer was born.  It was one of the scariest days in my life.  (I am writing this months later, so I know that Greer is happy and healthy and at home)  Lindsay is one of my best friends, and I had been so excited for this day.  It was wonderful to have my best friend be pregnant with me.  I could call and complain and vent, and she agreed... and she was going through the same things.  It was great.  After I had Barrett, it was just a waiting game for me for Greer to get here so we could go through the new mom thing together.  Unfortunately, things did not go the smoothly for Lindsay.  You see, Greer ended up in Children's Hospital NICU because he swallowed meconium before he was born.  I got the call from Jill that Greer had been born, and was in critical condition.  Greer needed to make it through the next 36 hours to be in the clear.  This all happened the day before Lindsay's birthday to make matters worse.  I was scared to death for the three days, and I thought about Greer, and prayed about it nonstop.  I was so scared for Lindsay and Jeremy.  They were all so strong though, and I think their strength gave Greer the strength to fight.  Greer made it through the three days, and was in the NICU for over a month.  I know this was one of the hardest times for Lindsay and her whole family.  I am so happy to say that Greer is home and healthy and happy.  He is a beautiful baby, and it is a wonderful miracle.  God works in mysterious ways, and I believe that there is a lesson in all hard and trying times.  Greer's story was a struggle for me to understand, but the lesson itself was quite clear.  Do not take Barrett for granted... EVER.  From this moment all my sleepless nights have more meaning, along with every dirty diaper, every crying spell... Every single tough moment is one to be thankful for.  I will forever take this lesson with me.  Thank you to the entire Haswell family for this lesson, and Happy Birthday Greer!

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