Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gavin watches Barrett for the first time

Today was Gavin's first time to watch Barrett all by himself.  I thought that me and my mom would only be gone for an hour, and figured Barrett would not be hungry until I got back.  Unfortunately I guessed wrong.  Good thing there was a bottle handy.  After the news that Barrett was inconsolable (it figures... he is a boy... and just like his daddy he is fussy when hungry), Daddy figured a bottle was the best solution, and called me to let me know that he would be giving Barrett his first bottle... RIGHT NOW!  I got home to see Barrett take the last couple sips of his first bottle.  

I just love this picture... Barrett looks like a little tree frog to me!

Look how sweet that baby looks after his bottle.  He just loves sleeping with his daddy!

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