Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Wordless Wednesday

This is Barrett at Barnes and Nobles on Sunday.  He was listening to the music samples with me, and he actually enjoyed it.  When the sample songs end he says "uh-oh."

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodnight Gorilla...

Barrett has a new obsession.  The book Goodnight Gorilla.  I know, he is a 13 month old baby (who is seriously in perpetual motion for every waking hour) that has an obsession with a book.  I still can't get over the surprise that this has been for me.  This is a book that we received from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library (Just a side note for any other parents with youngsters, they mail your child a free book for every month from birth till your child is 5 or 6, I can't remember).  It has been great, and it is nice to have a new book to read at night to change things up.  This book is super cute, and one of my favorites.  See how cute it is.... 
But this book has become more than just a cuddly moment at night.  When I went in to get Barrett on Sunday morning when he woke up he started saying "Guh guh!!" and pointing over to his books.  When I carried him over to the shelf he immediately grabbed the book and started pointing at the Gorilla on the cover.  So I took it into my room for him to read while he got his morning bottle.  He didn't just want me to read it, he continued flipping the pages by himself for an HOUR!  This is unprecedented Barrett behavior.  He never wants to sit in bed quietly on the weekends, and certainly won't stay still for an HOUR!  Later that day Gavin was playing in the books at Buy Buy Baby when Barrett started saying "Guh! Gug!" again, of course Gavin turns around and there on the shelf was the book!  This time Barrett was not going to let it go.  He, sure enough, made me become the mother I said I would never be. Let me describe the scene.  Busy store with lots of people, and no screaming children (well at least not at this moment).... Happy little families walking by enjoying the day, that beautiful moment is shattered when a well meaning momma takes the happiness her child is holding in his hands away.  Now picture a screaming child in the store... people turning to see who was making this child scream loud enough to hear through the whole store... seriously.... what did I do next... hand that little book right back to Barrett.  He immediately stops crying... Barrett - 1 Mom - 0.  Yes I am on now on the path to letting my child threaten me with embarrassment just so he can have the what he wants.  We now have TWO copies of Goodnight Gorilla at our house.  By the way, I am justifying this purchase with the fact that this new copy is a board book, and Barrett can't rip the pages.  

But isn't this a little heartwarming... this was what I Barrett was doing right before I left for work this morning.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Look

I think it is time for an update.  This background was good for a while, but now I am bored with it.  Hopefully this time I will do more than just change the background.  We will see how it goes.  Here is a picture of what the blog looked like before the change.....

Hope you like the changes!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Day with Poppa

Here are a couple of Pictures of our lunch with Poppa on Saturday.  Barrett had such a good day .. he got a new toy (I think my dad was just as excited to get Barrett a toy, as Barrett was to be able to get one), and he got to run around Buy Buy Baby for a hour barefoot while Poppa chased after him.  By the time we got home Barrett was exhausted!

 This is the size of a "kid's meal"!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My 101 things in 1001 days

This idea is borrowed from a few other fellow bloggers. The goal of this list is to accomplish all of these 101 things in the next 1001 days.

So far I am having trouble coming up with a full list.  I don't know why I am stuck, but I am.  I think that maybe because I am letting this list sit in "drafts" I am not really motivated to get it finished.  My new plan is to post this list so that I can be held a little more accountable.  (plus it will help me to actually finish the list, I mean isn't it a little embarrassing to have a list of 101 things, that only has 27 things). 

So how I plan to do this is to give this list its own page on my blog so that I can easily find it, and it is easier for everyone else to look at as well.  As I complete the items I will cross them off this list here and write a blog entry about it as well.  1001 days from today is Thursday July 10, 2014.  Hopefully by then everything will be crossed off this list.  Wish me luck!

  1. Finish this list!!
  2. Reconnect with old friends that I have lost touch with
  3. Read 15 books
  4. Celebrate my 30th birthday
  5. Celebrate Barrett's first birhtday
  7. Learn html (keyword here is learn, not become an expert)
  8. Scan my old pictures into the computer
  9. Organize the pictures on my computer
  10. Find a new Hairstyle
  11. Host a party at my house
  12. Go see a movie at a drive in
  13. Take a road trip with Gavin
  14. Take Barrett to the Destin (and actually go to the beach)
  15. Take one Saturday as a Jessica Day ( No baby, no husband)
  16. Organize the music on my iPod
  17. Get a new car (one that has more than 2 doors)
  18. Park my car in the Garage
  19. Run one mile (without having to walk part of it)
  20. Have a girls night out
  21. Take a trip someplace outside of the south and longer than a weekend
  22. Replace our kitchen light fixture
  23. fix the paint in the master bathroom
  24. Get a massage
  25. learn to wake up earlier that the absolute last moment
  26. learn to fall asleep without having the tv on
  27. Learn to love (or at least not loathe)  my post baby body
  28. See a movie in IMAX

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big shoes to fill!!

This might be one of my all time favorite pictures of Barrett ever.  This picture was taken after Gavin had come back from rucking (kind of like going walking, but with all his military gear on, and carrying a heavy bag filled with more military gear).  As we were talking, Barrett decided he wanted to play with Gavin's boots, it was so funny to watch him try to pick up those big old heavy boots!  So we decided to put him in them.... hopefully this makes you laugh just like it makes me everytime I look at it.